“Sometimes I Might be Introvert”, the Best Sounding Inspirational Speech You’ll Ever Hear

Mikko Hansen, Pawprint Staff Reporter

When people think of introversion, they usually think of someone shy and quiet. This raised two questions for Little Simz on whether that topic can even fill an album and if a pop star can be one. Her latest album, “Sometimes I Might be Introvert,” takes a look at those questions.

Little Simz or Simbiatu “Simbi” Abisola Abiola Ajikawo is a rapper born in London from Nigerian parents and studied at St Mary’s and Westminster Kingsway. She has also done some acting in shows like “Spirit Warriors,” “Afrofuturism,” “Top Boy,” and even starred in the newest “Venom” movie where she sang her own song.

To start, this album feels grand, like a movie. It’s orchestral and uses more traditional instruments for her beats like horns, drums, and harps. Each song sounds like a different scene that is all incredibly beautiful but at the same time thought-provoking. On top of all that, Little Simz’s voice and flow are simply incredible. Her unique voice fits so well into the beats she has created and helps make the album stick out even more.

Just as the name implies, this album talks about introversion but does so in a way that feels organic and doesn’t feel cheezy like in songs such as “Introvert,” there are lyrics that show some of these themes.

“Sometimes I might be introvert There’s a war inside, I hear battle cries” “The fight between the Yin and Yang’s a fight you’ll never win.”

Other than that, Simz goes over sexism that she has experienced in Britain. She goes over how the worth of women is found in other people and speaks to women in general, saying, “Woman to woman, I just want to see you glow.” Then in the song “Point and Kill,” Simz speaks to people around her wanting her to pressure a regular job, but she simply ignores it and (metaphorically speaking) points and kills them and gets them out of her life. Then another song continues about how she can’t fit in a box and needs to stick out.

“Sometimes I Might be Introvert” does an incredible job at making people feel more uplifted and more confident in being themselves, which very few albums have done to this degree. Simz does an incredible job making this album feel inspiring. In “Standing Ovation,” Simz talks about how patient she has been, how hard she has worked, and that she deserves a standing ovation. This song is incredibly inspirational and is one of the best songs on this album.

To wrap up, “Sometimes I Might be Introvert” is an incredibly inspirational and beautiful song. Little Simz has the best flow and is the favorite voice on any rap album that has been released so far. Simz has delivered thought-provoking bars over subjects that have never really been covered like this by any rapper.

Favorite songs: “How did we get here,” “Standing Ovation,” “Woman.”

Least favorite song: “Protect my energy.”