The “Wild Update”: What’s Coming, and What Should You Expect?

Sienna Yang, Pawprint Staff Reporter

By now, most Minecraft fans, players, and creators have heard the news: the 1.19 update, otherwise known as the “Wild Update,” will offer extreme changes that will completely change the way players interact with the world they make.

The update was announced during the Minecraft Live 2021 livestream, an event where Minecraft’s designers and developers show and explain new updates, mobs, features, and biomes and explore what the community has created.

“This update changes basically everything,” says Minecraft game designer Henrick Kniberg. The update will include new mobs, such as the allay, the Warden, the firefly, the frog, and the tadpole, new features to existing items and objects, a complete reconstruction of the swamp biome, and the addition of a new biome, the Dark Deep.

The new swamp biome will offer the mangrove a new type of tree species found in the swamp biome. It will also offer new blocks to interact with, and several new decorative items players can make from the mangrove wood.

“There will be like a full set for this new wood type, like doors and trapdoors and so on,” says Minecraft Vanilla Game Director Agnes Larsson.

With a new biome look and a new wood type, there will also be several new mobs introduced, two of the most notable being the frog and the firefly. Both are added primarily for aesthetic purposes, but it makes a wonderful addition to the overall new appearance of the swamp.

Along with the swamp biome, there will also be a new biome entirely unlike anything the game designers have added before: the Dark Deep.

Larsson remarks, “Minecraft is all about player’s stories, and Deep Dark definitely inspires the storytelling.”

The Deep Dark, as seen in the Minecraft Live 2021, is an underground city abandoned by its residents and taken over by one of the new, highly-anticipated game mini-bosses: the Warden.

“The Warden spawns in a unique way, and also in a way that you can avoid it… and as long as you don’t activate the skulk shriekers, then the Warden won’t come. But, if you do make too many noises, …the Warden will come,” says Minecraft Game Designer Brandon Pearce.

The Allay, voted in by Minecraft players during the livestream, will also be added to the 1.19 update. “If you give it an item, it will start looking for similar items lying around and bring them to you,” explains Minecraft’s lead game designer Jens Bergensten.

“If you play a noteblock, it will drop the item on that location instead,” says Bergensten. This has vast implications for the technological community of Minecraft, with the potential for more.