How To Play Wikipedia

Cameron Clark, Pawprint Staff Reporter

A couple of years ago, the Canyons District blocked access to games on the Chromebooks. Unfortunately, that left students with few options to have fun on their Chromebooks.

I was one of those students trying to figure out what to do with my free time in class. The other day I was sitting in creative writing when I remembered a game that I saw some YouTubers playing one time. All that is needed is access to Wikipedia. So since that wasn’t blocked, I convinced my friend to play it with me.

This game has many different names. I call it “speedrunning” Wikipedia. It also is called The Wiki Game and just playing Wikipedia.

(I played shortly before writing and got from some guy named Buatier De Kolta to Baloo.)

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to play.

  1. Grab some friends and your Chromebooks.
  2. Go to Wikipedia.
  3. Find a starting page and an ending page that you want to reach first. If you can’t pick one, click the random page button on the left sidebar of a Wikipedia page.
  4. Using only links within the page itself, navigate your way from page to page.
  5. The first person to find the ending page wins.

Here are some quick rules that make it more fun as you journey through Wikipedia

  • No using your keyboard. You could easily find a certain word you are looking for on a page by using ctrl + f and going about it that way. However, using shortcuts makes it less fun, so make sure you don’t do that.
  • Also, no using the back button. If you click on something that you didn’t mean to, sorry, but you just made life harder for yourself. The easiest way to fix this is trying to navigate back to the page you were just on.
  • The only way to move from page to page is by clicking the links on each page.

Finally, here is the best tip that I found that always helps me out. Find your way to the United States Wikipedia page.

(Doing this allows you to have a variety of Wikipedia topics at your disposal.)

Here is a little game for you. Down in the comment section below, if you can prove to us that you can get from the Hillcrest High School Wikipedia page to the Australian rules football page, you can come to Ms. Arakelian’s room (A222) and get a piece of candy.