Walking Through the Halls: A Collection of Weird Quotes

Isabella Goates, Pawprint Staff Reporter

High school life is an adventure-a collection of class, friends, and learning. Considering all the strange things that happen around Hillcrest and other high schools in general, there are bound to be weird interpretations of what is really going on. To honor this statement, I’ve created a list of quotes that I have heard around Hillcrest. All are without context, and I have no idea what was going on and what led to these quotes being said.

  1. “So then, all cows are girls?”
  2. “So I’m a cannibal, right?”
  3. “Quinoa!!!”
  4. “We take the brain and the pumpkin as an offering to the gods.”
  5. “Oh wait, why am I a freshman? I’m supposed to be in math.”
  6. “What’s a leg short.”
  7. “We are hot children; we are sixteen and a half.”
  8. “You are vitamin D, and you are whole milk.”
  9. “You just casually have deodorant in your pocket?”
  10. “Oh dang, we have to do arson.”
  11. “OMG, dude! He’s legit wording the word dude.”
  12. “What a nerdly nerd.”
  13. “What are you doing?” “Toilet bound.” “That’s why you don’t eat Taco Bell.”
  14. “You left your guard down!”
  15. “Why is there Roblox playing on the TV?”
  16. “Did you just say barrier or bury her?”
  17. “Did you really just bring kid pop into this.”
  18. “You’re a character, Daniel.”
  19. “Igualmente-” “shut up.”
  20. “I’m trying to divide you but it’s not working good.”
  21. “Not the hard horse.”