Best Night Time Albums

Mikko Hansen, Pawprint Staff Reporter

The night will always be the best time of the day: it’s surreal, relaxing, and wonderful. One of my favorite things to do is to get cozy in my bed and listen to some of these albums. Most of these albums are dreamlike and make me feel like I am floating in space with nothing to worry about. They’re chill and a bit melancholy, while fair warning-some of these albums might be a bit weird.

“98.12.28 (Live)”-Fishmans

“Blonde”-Frank Ocean

“Circles”-Mac Miller

“Loveless”- My Bloody Valentine

“Some Rap Songs”-Earl Sweatshirt

“The Glow P.2”-The Microphones


Not on streaming services:

“Dreamcast Summer Songs”-JPEGMAFIA/Devon Hendryx


Or if you want to listen to a playlist of some nighttime songs I like, here’s a Spotify playlist of those