5-minute origami butterfly tutorial

Sienna Yang, Pawprint Staff Reporter

Origami is an easy way to make something beautiful out of just a sheet of paper. Here’s a short tutorial on how to make a simple butterfly!

You’ll need a square sheet of paper, preferably something thin, so it’s easy to fold. Of course, the bigger the square, the bigger the butterfly, so the dimensions don’t matter much.

With the colored side down (if there is one), take one corner and bring it to the opposite side. Once you’ve got a triangle, crease well.

Unfold, and take the two corners to the left and right sides and bring them together. Crease well.

Unfold, and turn the paper upside down so that the color side is facing up. Then, fold it hot-dog style from the top edge to the bottom edge.

Unfold and repeat for the left and right sides.

Unfold. Ensure the color side is up and that the center point where all the folds meet is pointing up.

Carefully take one of the creases between two fingers and pinch them together.

Take the crease behind it and pinch them together.

The other side should be wanting to fold inwards, so press carefully on the seam until it collapses on itself. Again, using one hand to hold the previous fold and one hand to press inwards is better than using one to do both.

You should have a triangle if you lay it flat on the table.

Flip the triangle upside down and take the flappy bit on top. Bring it so it’s slightly off-center from the middle crease and sticking out from the side. This will be the butterfly’s bottom wing section, so once you’re satisfied with how it looks, crease well and repeat on the other side.

Flip it over. Take the triangle bit at the bottom and without creasing the paper, bring it up so that the tip of the triangle peeks up over the top.

Turn it over while still holding the triangle bit, and carefully fold the top bit down. Don’t crease the back- if you do, the butterfly will be flat.

Fold the butterfly in half to secure the little triangle.

Release the fold, and now you have a butterfly!