JoJo’s Top Strongest Stands

Stone Smith, Pawprint Staff Reporter

(A drawing by the creator, Hirohiko Araki, about the latest part, “JoJolion,” with all other parts main protagonist and their Stand kneeling on the ground below them with the main protagonist’s, the guy in the sailor outfit, Stand, “Soft and Wet,” behind everyone)

Jo’s Bizarre Adventure is an anime and manga series by Hirohiko Araki that tells the viewer the story of the character JoJo. Throughout the stories, the JoJo will change first, starting with Jonathan Joestar and his step-brother Dio Brando, then make its way from there.

The beginning of the series, aka “Phantom Blood,” shows the viewer that the main characters use a fighting style known as “Hamon” to fight Dio after turning himself into a vampire. Jonathan goes on a journey to get stronger and finds many friends, such as Robert Speedwagon, Will Zeppeli, and Erina Pendelton. When they start to fight (Dio vs. Jonathan), it becomes difficult to see which one will win, but the viewer will find out soon enough. After Part 1 goes to Part 2, “Battle Tendency,” where our new main character, Joseph Joestar, goes up against the Pillar Men known as Wamuu, Kars, and EsiDesi (or AC DC (Hirohiko Araki, the creator, likes to name the characters after famous bands/songs) alongside his friend Caesar Zeppeli.

After some time, Part 3 starts “Stardust Crusaders.” This time the main character Jotaro Kujo finds out that his “evil spirit” is known as a Stand, then names it “Star Platinum,” and his grandfather, Joseph, has one as well. After seeing his mom in a sickening state Jotaro and his friends set out to fight DIO (same Dio as before, just stronger and is now dropped his last name) and his stand “The World” to try and cure his mom. Part 4 features Josuke Higashikata and his Stand “Crazy Diamond,” who goes with his friend, Okuyasu Nijimura, and his ability “The Hand,” to try and find a killer in their small town of “Morioh.” Part 5 is about a young man, Giorno Giovana, who joins a gang. Together, they try to protect their boss’s daughter from their boss, who doesn’t want his identity uncovered. Finally, the final part to the main storyline, Part 6, “Stone Ocean,” is being made and will appear on Netflix sometime this December. It is about Jotaro Kujos’s daughter, Jolyne Cujo, fighting against one of DIO’s followers, Enrico Pucci.

Now, after that very long introduction, we can finally begin our list. However, I will not use the parts mentioned above, Parts 7, “Steel Ball Run,” and 8, “JoJolion,” because those are in a different universe entirely. Anyway, let’s begin. The list will go from 5 (weakest ability on this list) to 1 (strongest ability on this list.)

5. Pannacotta Fugo’s Purple Haze is strong, especially when it enters its rage-like state. In this rage state, Purple Haze goes berserk and will attack anybody besides Fugo, meaning that even allies are not safe from the poison that Purple Haze emits (unless given the antidote from Fugo.)

4. Bohemian Rhapsody is the ability to make any character/person come to life. The user Ungalo is the half-brother of Giorno and is the son of DIO. Ungalo and Bohemian Rhapsody appear in Part 6 when fighting Weather Forecast and Diver Down, the abilities of two of Jolyne’s allies, using characters such as Pinnochio, Spider-Man, Vincent van Gogh, Mickey Mouse, and many more.

3. (Places third, second, and first are so close together that they are tied together, so I put looks of the Stand as the deciding factor of who wins.) For 3rd place is Giorno Giovana’s ability from Part 5, “Golden Experience Requiem.” GER is the final form of Golden Experience. Giorno gets GER when he combines a special arrow known as the Requiem arrow with his Golden Experience. It can control the outcome of a fight or the ability to “Reset to Zero.”

2. For second place, we have Star Platinum: The World. This is Part 3 Star Platinum, but Jotaro has practiced time stopping, so now it can stop time for longer. We first see Star Platinum: The World in part 4 when Jotaro finds the main antagonist, Yoshikage Kira. The abilities of Star Platinum: The World and normal Star Platinum from Part 3 are pretty much the same, but the only differences are that we never see Star Platinum: The World using “Star Finger” and Star Platinum: The World can stop time longer than Star Platinum.

Honorable Mentions: “The Hand,” the Stand itself, is extremely strong if used correctly. However, the user Okuyasu Nijimura isn’t that smart, and in the show, when he fights “Red Hot Chilli Pepper,” he says it himself, “I was gonna punch both of you! I’m not very smart, you know.” Another honorable mention is DIO’s evolved to stand, “The World; Over Heaven,” TWOH is listed here because it is listed as non-canon (meaning that it is not part of the real story.) TWOH is part of JJBA’s video game, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven,” and is considered the ultimate Stand. The final honorable mention here isn’t a stand, but I thought I’d include it because it is pretty strong; anyway, the final mention is Kars’s Ultimate Lifeform. The name kind of spells it out as being the best creature on the planet.

  1. This is the strongest Stand so far throughout the series of the main storyline, also known as “Made in Heaven.” MiH is Part 6 and is the main antagonist’s ability. It first started as Enrico Pucci’s original Stand “Whitesnake,” then he used a baby, “Green Baby,” to transform Whitesnake into “C-Moon.” After obtaining C-Moon, Pucci had to use DIO’s diary to obtain the greatest high, and after finding out what it meant, Pucci obtained his final form, Made in Heaven. MiH’s powers include time acceleration (time speeds up drastically (basically days and nights pass by for a second, waves of the ocean are extremely fast, but people and animals are still their normal self and can see everything that is happening)) and the ability to reset the universe (Pucci has to use his ability to accelerate time before he can reset the universe because if time is accelerated the speed of everything is also increased and the universe will be so fast that it vanishes and will create a copy of itself, everyone will know what happened to them (also known as knowing their fate), and everything will repeat.


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