“An Evening with Silk Sonic” a Silky Smooth 70’s R&B Inspired Album

Mikko Hansen, Pawprint Staff Reporter

This year, many unexpected music collaborations came, one of the most popular being the Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars collaboration called Silk Sonic.  With Silk Sonic releasing a couple of great singles peppered throughout the year, people were very hyped for this album to come out.

“An Evening with Silk Sonic” has some of the best production out of any album that has come out so far this year. It is simply smooth 70’s style R&B (Rhythm and Blues.) It’s a fun and short album that keeps it to the point, coming at a runtime of a measly 31 minutes. This year, few albums have come out that are as cheerful and smooth as this while having production as good as this. It’s also a straightforward and easily accessible album that many people could enjoy.

The best parts of this album are the choruses of all of the songs. Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak beautifully sing each one. my favorite being the chorus on “Fly as Me.” A song that is just a delightful experience that looks at self-confidence and helps boost anyone’s mood whenever I listen to it.

Although this album is simple and easy to enjoy, it comes at the expense of not having too much substance. It’s fun to listen to, but it doesn’t feel as if it does anything new at all. Especially since it’s so heavily inspired by a genre that has already been fleshed out for so long.

Overall “An Evening with Silk Sonic” is a short and simple album that helps me boost my mood whenever I want, with some great 70’s R&B-inspired production.

Favorite Songs: “Fly as me.” “After last night,” “777.”

Least favorite song: “Put on a smile.”

Overall Rating: 7.8/10

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