Spontaneous Dance is Gone, Replaced With Winter Formal.

Sarah Baird, Pawprint Staff Reporter

The Hillcrest High student body officers made a surprise announcement: instead of Hillcrest’s usual Spontaneous winter dance, there will now be Winter Formal.  Winter Formal is a boys’ choice dance with the theme “Frozen in Time.”

Students are mostly annoyed with this change. One complaint is that since the announcement was made a week and a half before D-Day, the students may not have enough time to plan their ask.

“I think that it was the SBO’s last-minute decision… just what they wanted [and not what was best for the students],” junior Kay Erekson responded when asked what she thought about the change.

A significant complaint that students have with the change is that Winter Formal tickets will cost more than Spontaneous. Since Winter Formal is a boys’ choice dance, they’ll be in charge of covering the costs. Erekson thinks it’s unfair that the boys plan (and pay for) all the formal dances.

“I thought that it was nice that the boys had an informal dance, and [the fact] that they changed it to formal dance is kind of unfair,” Erekson explained. “I like the formal dances, but they’re always more expensive.”

Despite the complaints people have about the dance, many students are still excited about the dance, especially the theme of “Frozen In Time.”

“I think the concept of a winter formal is kind of cute, and  I… like the theme they went with. It’s… cute,” senior Emma Price said. Price is excited to find a dress that matches the theme,  planning to wear something that’s almost vintage.

Winter Formal is also a chance for students to give input and ideas on what they want to see at dances since Winter Formal is a new dance.

“[I want the dance to be] wintery, snowy… fancy [and] like princessy vibes, I guess, “Erekson responded when asked what she wanted the decor of the dance to be.

The dance will be on Dec. 11, 2021, at the Hillcrest aux gym from 7-10 PM. D-Day (when people get asked) is Nov. 20.