The New ‘Hawkeye’ Series Doesn’t Hit the Bullseye of Approval

Sienna Yang, Pawprint Staff Reporter

Marvel’s new series, “Hawkeye,” launched on Nov. 24 with the release of the first two episodes. The plot revolves around Kate Bishop, a wealthy college student with naive dreams of being a hero, and Clint Barton, who wants to put Hawkeye behind him and spend Christmas with his family. They meet when Kate steals a suit that once belonged to Clint and consequently makes all of his enemies into hers. 

The series looks to have an alright plot, with a disillusioned girl seeing the truth of what she wants through the experiences of someone that just wants to go home, but Marvel just went about it the wrong way.

The first episode shows that a young Kate’s penthouse is attacked during the New York invasion and that Hawkeye inadvertently saves her. In the attack, her father dies, and during the funeral, she tells her mother, Elenor Bishop, that she needs to be the one to protect them. 

This point would have been fine, if not for the fact that Elenor actively endorses her behavior, going so far as to give her a bow when she asks for one and never saying anything to dissuade her from her venture, even when she knows it could seriously injure and possibly kill her daughter. 

Apart from the apparent disinterest, Elenor has in her daughter, the plot itself is generic- something everyone has seen in every type of media: a wannabe hero runs into trouble, and a real hero rescues them with the promise or implication that they’ll make the wannabe into a real hero. 

“I just wasn’t interested,” says sophomore Sophia Lin. “Why would I watch something that’s basically the same thing as anything else?”

Aside from the lacking plot, there also wasn’t much advertisement for the series. However, with Marvel’s ‘Loki’ series release earlier in 2021, there were advertisements several weeks before the actual release date, with varying scenes and exciting points to draw the audience in. 

Hawkeye had relatively little advertising, with just the occasional same video ad popping up in the same week as the release. When asked about the series, sophomore Briggs Hunt thinks for a moment before asking, “What is that?” Even after an explanation, it’s clear that Hunt hasn’t heard of the series before.

Poor advertising coupled with inadequate plot makes for an unfortunate release of Marvel’s newest series, even with the exceptional responses to the ‘Loki’ and ‘Wandavision’ series. The fourth episode releases on Dec. 8th, with the fifth and sixth episodes being released every one week after that.