Winter Break Boredom and the Solutions

Isabella Goates, Pawprint Staff Reporter

Winter break is coming soon! Freedom! Snow! Christmas! So many fun things to do! But just in case you have no idea, here are a few activities to try:

  1. Go ice skating at the Gallivan Center; it offers a delightful experience with an outdoor ice skating rink complete with Christmas decorations and a Christmas feeling.
  2. Do you love Halloween? How about being scared? Maybe Nightmare Before Christmas? Then Krampus Night at Castle of Chaos is the place you should go! 
  3. Go sledding! Even if there’s no snow now, there’s sure to be some to get us in the Christmas spirit. This one’s easy-just find a sled and find a hill, and you’re ready to go! Great places are located at Falcon Park and Flat Iron Mesa Park.
  4. My personal favorite: Sit down with friends and family and watch some Christmas classics. “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” “Frosty the Snowman,” “A Christmas Story”-they’re all great.
  5. Back to Salt Lake City: the lights are up at the Gateway! Walking around this winter wonderland with hot chocolate in hand is always fun. There are art galleries, shops, food, and lights at Temple Square close, too. 
  6. Buy or make gifts for friends and family! The intention is what matters, of course, and there are small things that are great to buy for friends and family at dollar stores or just using the paper and markers in your basement to make something homemade. Either way, whoever is receiving the gift is sure to love it!
  7. Make dinner! By yourself, with friends, with family, it doesn’t matter, but it’s always fun to see what you made and realize, “Oh my gosh, I actually made that!” 

  But the most fun thing to do during winter break is not to go to school! All that stress and anxiety is locked away until you have to do homework again, but that’s for a different day. Preferably never.