Does “Hawkeye” Hit the Mark?

Sarah Baird, Pawprint Staff Reporter

The following will contain spoilers for “Hawkeye” episodes one through five on Disney+. 

Marvel Studio’s “Hawkeye” (found exclusively on Disney+)  is an endearing Christmas story on a much smaller scale than the MCU’s more recent project. It’s refreshing to be watching something that has no chance of ending with another gigantic sky beam.

Its smaller scale also allows it to be a more character-centric story. As a result, it excels at making the fans root for its characters. The actors are fantastic, with Hailee Steinfield (playing Kate Bishop, Clint’s mentee) and Florence Pugh (playing Yelena Bolova, Natasha Romanoff’s younger sister)  as the standouts. And who can forget the adorable Pizza Dog?

Its plot, although slightly generic, is compelling enough to attract the audience’s attention. Even though there’s not as much theory fodder from shows like “WandaVision,” there’s still plenty of room for some healthy speculation. How long has Eleanor been in league with Wilson Fisk (Kingpin)? Did Eleanor frame Jack? Who owns the Rolex? Those are just a few of the questions many fans have heading into the finale of this six-part series.

The overall atmosphere of the show is lighthearted and fun. I can’t help smiling when I’m watching it, even if I want to cry during some parts as well. “Hawkeye” hits the mark with both comedic and dramatic moments. It has hilarious moments like Yelena’s and Kate’s “girls night” and plenty of tearjerking moments, too, like Clint talking to Natasha at a memorial. To top it off, we get one of the most complex villains in the MCU yet: Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox).

She may not seem complex on the surface due to her lack of screen time, but her tragic backstory and sympathetic motivations mean that many fans can’t help but root for her – even when she’s beating up their favorite heroes.

With the return of Kingpin from the Daredevil series on Netflix announced just before the finale, the finale is likely to be Marvel’s strongest yet, with fast-paced action and solid one-liners. The finale will be released on Dec. 22.

Just like Hawkeye, this show “just can’t seem to miss.”