Concluding the Winter Fundraiser

Stone Smith, Pawprint Staff Reporter

Hillcrest High School hosted a fundraiser for RAINN, which stands for Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. The SBOs planned the assembly to try and raise some awareness.

According to the 12th grade SBO Secretary, Jack Nelson, there wasn’t an original money goal. Instead, the SBOs were trying to get any amount of money for the group. They earned a total of about 13 thousand dollars throughout the fundraiser.

The assembly was originally planned to be held on Friday before the break, but after receiving threats, the school had to move it to a different day.

The assembly is also a way that Hillcrest can talk about the recent social media threats. According to Nelson. 

“The assembly is going to be similar with a few minor changes. One such thing is addressing the social media threats towards the school, but other than that we are going to have fun events like the Save or Shave,” Nelson said. 

The school plans to have events like Save or Shave and performances from different groups.

“The assembly is going to be held in the auditorium,” said Nelson, “everyone is going to go their first three periods, go to B lunch, go to their 4th-period classes, then finally the auditorium for the assembly.” 

Some of the events were planned by the SBOs. When asked if students should attend the assembly, Nelson responded, “[Students] should attend because it addresses important issues and there are fun events planned for the students.”