Football Field Drawings

Isabella Goates, Pawprint Staff Reporter

With the last few snowstorms, many Hillcrest students have noticed some drawings on the football field. 

 Hillcrest Assistant Principal Jan Hansen states that the new building might affect the things etched in the snow. “This is the first year we’ve had multiple [drawings] because it’s so visual,” Hansen stated. “We have an audience now. In the old building, the field was far away from everybody, and you didn’t have an audience on all floors that could see it.”

There’s been a wide variety of things drawn in the football field: hearts, stars, body parts, messages towards teachers and students, and a swastika.

“It makes me confused. You [the student who drew it] know the history of the swastika,” said Hillcrest freshman Gabrielle Howard. “There are some things you shouldn’t make jokes about. Like, I understand about dark humor and stuff. But I think the whole swastika is a little too much.”

Using the security cameras, Hillcrest staff was able to find many of the students that drew certain symbols on the football field. However, cameras aren’t the only way they found students.

 “We have lots of reports and anonymous tips and a lot of people that say this is me, and this is what’s going on,” Hansen stated.

After finding many of the students, the staff gave out different kinds of solutions and punishments. An example of this was that a group of the students had to go out on the football field and write positive messages on it for a whole week.

“If you’re going to go draw out on the snow, make it a positive note,” Hansen said.

“You should be careful,” Howard agreed. “People are going to see what they see and have their own interpretation of that.”

With winter already here and some more snow on the way, there will probably be more drawings on the football field, both good and bad.