What to Expect for Hope Week

Mikko Hansen, Pawprint Staff Reporter

Hope Squad is very excited to introduce this year’s Hope Week. Hope Week is one of Hope Squad’s opportunities to help students with mental health issues, and this year their message is “Seen and be Seen.”

Students can expect a concert and “Hope Grams.” It is a week that is supposed to be filled with positive energy and encourage students to get help with their mental health and is meant to be as inclusive as possible to all groups and ethnicities 

“This message encompasses the idea to be aware of those around you, recognize others, and then the Be Seen part is to be comfortable being yourself. Let others see who you are,” stated counselor Lisa Gardener.

The first activity they plan on doing is an assembly with Pool House on Monday. Then, sometime in the week during lunch, they will be letting students be with therapy dogs to help them with their anxieties, and then Hope Squad wants to release Hope grams that are messages sent to students to improve their mood.

Lisa Gardener and others started Hope week seven years ago to get a better chance of spreading their message and an increasing need to help others with their mental health. It is essential to them to improve students’ attitudes and get students more comfortable with being in school. They have noticed a significant change with students opening up more to their feelings with counselors. Gardener said

We have had great squads over the years of students that care about the mental health and well-being of their peers. For the most part we feel that Hillcrest students are respectful and receptive to the Hope Squads efforts to spread awareness on important issues such as mental health, kindness, and anti-bullying.” 

The main resource that Hope Squad are trying to continue to show students about the safe UT app that can be used 24 hours every single day.