Added Remote Learning Days

Stone Smith, Pawprint Staff Reporter

Remote learning days are when students don’t have to go to school. Instead, they take out their Chromebooks and do their school work there. Schoolwork will be assigned and unlocked when the virtual day is assigned (if Friday is the remote learning day and is an A day, the school work will be A day classes and not B day classes). Teachers will sometimes record themselves talking about the lesson they planned and try to explain it to students. However, many students won’t attend things like Zoom meetings and sometimes won’t do their school work.

On Jan. 11, 2022, the Canyons School District announced, “…We have committed to keeping students and employees safe while preserving in-person learning…” The District is trying its best to keep everyone safe from the rise of Omicron and COVID-19 cases.

The new virtual days have left some students, like 9th grader Harrison Treat, upset.

If students look at the remote learning day schedule, they can see that most days take up A days. “I’m annoyed that all the A days have been virtual since B day classes are ahead, and the A day classes would mainly be behind if stuff has to be done in class and isn’t possible to be done virtually,” says Treat.

Some students say that doing virtual work is easier than doing it at school because they can go at their own pace, but others say it’s more difficult because they can’t ask teachers and peers for help.

“Students should do their schoolwork because that’s how they graduate,” said Luke Morris, a 9th grader.

By implementing more online learning days, the school is trying to solve the rise of student absences, staff shortages, and COVID-19 cases.