DECA Dominates Competition

Jacob Baird, Pawprint Staff Reporter

Hillcrest’s DECA team performed exceptionally well at a competition last weekend. DECA is a group that helps prepare people for careers and entrepreneurship. 

As junior Devika Rajeev put it, “There are a lot of good opportunities within it, people get to explore more of a different kind of career path because it’s very business management based, so when people don’t know what they want to do in life they have a new opportunity to figure out what they want to do.”

At the competition, Hillcrest’s DECA team put up excellent results. 

Pravani Gundu, a junior on the team that placed in the competition, said, “Even though it was a small team, it was a team of eleven or so, we had a good team that did do really well, beating out some of the larger schools, so we definitely represented the region for such a small group.”

In addition, this small team has a lot of new people, but that didn’t hinder its success. 

Rajeev mentioned how “[DECA] had a bunch of freshmen who also placed, which was pretty great, even though it was their first time.”

The competition consisted of being given a position and a situation to roleplay in a career. Gundu described it as “Everybody does a roleplay, or they do a team roleplay. I did hotel and lodging management, so I was this hotel front desk clerk that had to deal with a situation with a customer. So the roleplays just give you a scenario, and then you’re supposed to come up with a good solution for that, and if the judges like it, you win points. It was quite fun.”

Being in DECA seems to be an overwhelmingly positive experience. Gundu said, “My favorite thing about DECA would just be going into the roleplays and having a situation that you’ve never been put into before. The skills that you get taught, you get taught to think on your feet, but also it’s a time away from school, but you’re doing school. You get to go out to lunch with your friends, or just hang out with them, or do homework. It’s definitely a different experience that you get away from school.” 

Rajeev seconded this and added, “My favorite thing about DECA is that right now, we kind of have to have a set career path, but here we get to have so many different roleplays in so many different careers in this roleplay event.”

It seems that DECA’s members enjoy it for many reasons.