Hillcrest “Prince Caspian”

Isabella Goates, Pawprint Staff Reporter

Hillcrest High School is renowned for its play production crew which will be performing “Prince Caspian” later this year. It is the first high school to obtain the rights to produce it, but also try and figure out how to produce everything following the book exactly. 

“We are the only high school that’s ever done this because it’s very difficult with stage effects and things like that,” said theatre teacher Joshua Long, “the C.S. Lewis’ estate only allowed them to adapt it for the stage if they included everything from the book.”

This means everything, and with startling accuracy. Bridges burning, underwater scenes, and locations that turn into other locations are all of the above things that Long, the stage tech teacher Ms. Gremmert, and the costume designer Ms. Abbott have to fit in the play. 

Before COVID, the production team had tried to make the play “the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” but in the words of Long, it was “too cheesy and hokey.” When school came back in session, they looked for another C.S. Lewis adaptation to take a part in and ended up with “Prince Caspian.”

Auditions were open to everyone this year, and many people decided to participate. This year, the estimated number of students in the play is 125, playing warriors, creatures, and fighters—the cast practices at least once every week, and sometimes even more. 

“I will be practicing six times a week,” Long said. “Everyday after school and Saturday morning. Every day is a different group of kids.” Leads like Prince Caspian, Lucy, and Peter will also be practicing three-four times a week. 

This time requires money for burning bridges, ocean scenes, etc. This money isn’t coming out of the school. 

“We have a budget of money that we’ve made on past shows,” Long explained. “We’re hoping to make all the money that we spend on this; we’re hoping that this will be a big-ticket seller- because people will want to bring their kids and family. It’s for the whole family.”

The “Prince Caspian” play is scheduled to start on March 16. So students should bring their entire family and friends to help out the people participating in the play.