House Bill 211 Looks to Reduces School Fees

Jacob Baird, Pawprint Staff Reporter

House Bill 211 has been passed, amending how schools can charge school fees.

The primary changes, as stated in the official bill, are that “[The bill], with certain exceptions, prohibits a local education agency (LEA) from charging an elementary school student a fee; with certain exceptions, prohibits an LEA from charging a secondary school student a fee for a curricular activity or portions of a co-curricular activity.”

The bill means that elementary school students can’t be charged a fee and that secondary education students, such as high school students, can’t be charged fees for classes.

The significant impact of this change for Hillcrest students is that classes such as art or science can’t charge you for in-class requirements. Instead, things such as lab fees will be covered by the government.

To many students, this is a positive change. Junior Braxton Caldwell says, “I think it’s great and opens opportunities for people who might not otherwise have them.”

Fellow junior Finn Watson seconds his sentiments. “These labs and other academic fees can add up to quite a load for people, and having a portion of that cost covered can make a big difference in the lives of students,” says Watson.