Anti-Valentine’s Day

Isabella Goates, Pawprint Staff Reporter

Valentine’s Day can be excellent if you have a significant other. For the rest of us, though, it can be a bittersweet experience to be single, but here are some activities to make you feel happy that you’re alone-a bit of anti-Valentine’s Day instead. 

Unromantic and messy dinners work well. Who needs steak dinners when you can have greasy chicken wings?

Hang out with friends-they’re your true loved ones. You can all be single together, one great single group.

Axe throwing works well to get out the anger left behind in the ruins of an ex. It’s violent striking, and you’re using weapons. What could go wrong?

Horror movies work well for single people. Now you’ll never feel alone!

Movies are a key component of Valentine’s Day, but why do romantic ones when you can have some to make you feel happy that you’re single?

Here are some suggestions:

“John Tucker Must Die”

A fun comedy about revenge against cheating exes and the bonding of single women. 

“First Wives Club”

A story about reconciling and finding old friendships anew, and getting revenge from horrible husbands.


It is a story about horrible people ratting their way out of a bad ending, with a dollop of murder on the side. Husbands and boyfriends are side characters, of course.

But the most important part of this paradox of Valentine’s Day is to remember to treat yourself! You’re the one and only you, and you are enough to enjoy this Valentine’s day even if it is alone.