Wins and Losses at the Robotics Competition

Stone Smith, Pawprint Staff Reporter

The Robotics Club is a club where students can meet other students who enjoy problem-solving and building robots. According to Jason Mandel, one of the members of “Toaster  Medics,” “the club is very time consuming – like you have to be able to go almost every day.” Therefore, people will need to be able to have a lot of free time to go and help out with building the robots.

Jace Stevens, a member of “Die Toaster, Die,” also stated that “[the Robotics club is] somewhere in between hard and easy. You can’t walk in and do nothing, but you don’t need to know and understand everything.” If anyone would like to join the club, it would be best to have the basic knowledge of how to code, build, and socialize well with peers.

There are two different types of competition, the FTC is where there are two teams who build smaller robots, and the FRC is one big team building a big robot. The two teams for the FTC were “Toaster Medics” and “Die Toaster, Die!” and for the FRC, the name is “Husky Robotics.” The FTC near the end of April of 2022, but for Hillcrest, it ended on January 29th, 2022, at Southern Utah University because they didn’t qualify for the next round.

The Robotics club made a robot that can pick up blocks and move them around for the competition. The point of the game is to get as many blocks over to your team’s goal. Each level of the goal has more points than the level below it. Mandel said the game is similar to a game called “Freight Frenzy.” Before the game, the teams had to present a little presentation. They also had to pass an inspection that ensured their robot met the correct standards.

Toaster Medics won an award, while “Die Toaster, Die!” won the Judge’s Choice award and got to the finals. Both Mandel and Stevens said that the experience was fun but stressful, with Mandel calling it “exhilarating.”

Stevens stated, “the competition was pretty scary because the judges could give teams awards that would push teams forward in the competition.” After the competition, both teams went home and slept because they got home around 11 pm, and when they came back from the competition, they played games such as truth or dare.