Bringing Back Old Magic with the Renaissance Feaste

Sienna Yang, Pawprint Staff Reporter

For freshmen, sophomores, and possibly some juniors, the Renaissance Feaste is something new and bold. For the last two years, the Feaste has been canceled due to COVID concerns. Now, it’s back and ready to go.

Hillcrest’s Renaissance Feaste has been a yearly tradition since 1986. It was started by a previous choir director, Brian Bently, as a way to raise money for the choir department and a fun way to celebrate and enjoy the music of the Renaissance Era. 

But why Renaissance? Why not medieval music or something more western in nature and origin?

Choir department head Renae Dalgleish explains, “Western civilization music started with Renaissance. I mean, we have the Middle Ages with chanting and the Gregorian chant and the monks singing. But really, music started to flourish in [the Renaissance Era], … it’s really a time when music just flourished, and so much beautiful music was written that it’s fun to celebrate it.”

Dalgleish explains what the Feaste is all about. “The cast will be the choir kiddos and [their] parents, and the singers will be singing during the feast… all the acapella girls will be the wenches (a girl or young woman), and the acapella boys are the stewards… The royalty is the vocal ensemble….”

“…we do a five-course meal, starting with… a cheese and cracker plate that will come around like an appetizer plate. And then we do the wassail(a hot drink, usually cider)… and have a toast. Then the different lords and ladies that will come from Europe… will offer toasts, and we will have our soup and bread bowls. We have a cheddar broccoli soup… and then we do a main course with a chicken and potato wedge salad. And the final course is a tart.” 

Some of the food is being donated from various stores and restaurants in the area- for example, the bread bowls are being generously donated by Kneaders. 

“We’ve [also] got a person [working with the] food committee that’s managed to work up a kind of a deal with Sysco so that we can get all of our produce at wholesale prices,” Dalgleish describes.

This year will be the first year the Feaste isn’t held in the auditorium. Instead, it’s being held in the Black Box Theatre. 

“We’ll only have maybe half the usual seating we normally do, so everyone hurry up and get your tickets now!” Dalgleish encourages. 

The seats will also be limited to be COVID safe. All the actors will be wearing masks, and the servers will be wearing gloves as well when serving the food.

The Renaissance Feast is on Feb. 10, 11 and 12, with seating starting at 6:00 pm and the Feaste starting at 6:30. Tickets are 25 dollars, and Dalgleish reminds students and their families with a bright smile that “… it’s 25 dollars for a night of feasting and entertainment.”