Girls Basketball Has Had a Successful Season

Jacob Baird, Pawprint Staff Reporter

According to members of the team, the Hillcrest Girls Basketball team has had a reasonably strong season.

“We have had a pretty successful season so far. I feel like it has been a lot better than last year. We have grown as individuals and a team”, says Olivia Backus, a junior on the team.

“Our season is a lot better than last year, we have had some ups and downs, but so far, it’s been a positive season. I think when we play as a team, we win games, and just working together has been critical to our success”, agreed Abigail Slama-Catron, a fellow junior.

The team also talked about what a close-knit group they are. 

“I love the team. They are my best friends. We’ve all grown together through the season, and I think we’re all pretty close”,  junior Kay Erekson said while discussing the bond among the team.

“I love my team, it’s a whole other family to me, and they always have my back whenever things happen,” agreed Slama-Catron.

The team experienced a change in coaching staff at the beginning of the season, but it seems that this didn’t stop them from being successful.

“I think the impact of the change in coaching staff was good for everyone. Like Matteo said himself, he couldn’t be totally present, and we needed someone that could be”, says Erekson.

“The change has greatly impacted our success. We really enjoy her coaching style and passion for basketball”, agreed Backus.