Walking Through the Halls: A Collection of Weird Quotes, Part Two

Sienna Yang, Pawprint Staff Reporter

It’s back! Weird quotes heard in the halls, during passing period, in the lunchroom, and after school: all entirely without context.1) “I mean- I’m only joking like, 0.001 percent of the time.” “About arson??”2) “Do- do we need to talk about that pin you have there?”3) “And if that doesn’t scream mental illness, I don’t know what does.”4) “Nightmarish existence!”5) “Oh my god, rip bozo.”6) “Just give me the freaking Russian revolution, don’t give me all this pig crap.”7) “I don’t think it should- twist like that.”8) “God, I really hope I didn’t just agree to something horrible.”9) “And then there was this huge whoomp sound, and it exploded!”10) “You know, can I just go home?”11) “No, I completely failed. It’s great!”12) “That was a Walter White reference!”13) “Want some Skittles with that?”14) “What if they like- play it frame by frame.”15) “Stop- shut up, no.”16) “Ooooo, I told you it ain’t working good. Shoulda taken the red one.”17) “No, no, don’t look at them! They’re starting a cult. Let them be!”18) “Bro, that was so freaking manly! I got tears in my eyes from watching you, bro!”19) “No- no, listen! It’s not what it looks like!” “The cookie?”20) “Oh my god, give me your freaking hat. I want to eat it.”21) “Unfortunately, get ratioed.”22) “You may know what a Chad is, but do you know what a Giga Chad is, Mr. Hart?”23) “And he was wearing socks. Socks!”