New Tax Cuts Take From Education

Jacob Baird, Pawprint Staff Reporter

The Utah government has passed a new income tax cut, taking $130 million from the education fund. The average-income Utahn will receive $94 for this tax cut.

Most students seem to dislike this change, with junior Samantha Baldwin being very vocal in her opposition to this tax cut.

“The funding cut shows the interest that our state-level government has in the education of its citizens, which is none. They are willing to cut the funding of our already underfunded schools when they could be cutting funding to military projects or government salaries,” says Baldwin.

Sophomore Joel Andrews seconded Baldwin’s opinion, stating, “I think that it is bad that they are cutting so much money to schools for such a minor amount of money going to the average Utahn when the money could be used to better improve education in Utah.”

Students weren’t the only ones who disagreed with the change. History teacher Scott Stucki weighed in on the issue.

“It’s just PR. It’s just all performance politics. It’s not significant because it’s not actually going to help people because it’s not enough, but the money, if left in the education budget, could’ve actually done some good,” Stucki states.

Even some who are no longer personally affected by the change were bothered by the tax cut, such as Hillcrest alumnus Benjamin Snow.

“The current tax cuts, along with most really only benefit the rich at the detriment to the common man. Yes, $90 affects you, but so does over a hundred million being cut from your child’s education. It may be supported because we all hope to be the person it affects someday, but is a child’s education now worth an unlikely future for you,” says Snow.