APP: Is it necessary?

Stone Smith, Pawprint Staff Reporter

APP class is a class that is 30 minutes and is in between 1st and 2nd period. During this time, students can go to other classes and make up tests, quizzes, essays, or homework that need to be done. However, to go to other classes, students will need to create a pass a few days before they can enter, so teachers can get ready before the student comes in. If students don’t have an APP pass, they could go to their APP homeroom and work on other work there.

APP class is a strange class. It feels just like a free period, and students can do their schoolwork, socialize, play around, or, if they avoid staff and faculty, they could leave the school. So, to some students, APP is just a waste of time, but the class is probably the best period that students will have. This is because students can get a couple more minutes to do their school work before their next class starts. If they have work to do in their first-period classes, that means students can try to quickly get it done before they have to do it at home.

And while some students decide to leave school early, those students might get bad grades or have everything done and would like to go out. But the students who stay for APP might have a higher chance of getting good grades and maintaining them.

So is the APP class necessary? To answer this question, let’s look back. APP class gives students extra time to work on assignments, and it helps students get good grades and maintain them, and students can talk with friends or make new ones. So, to simplify, APP class is a good semi-class, and students should attend it to try to get good grades, but overall it isn’t necessary.