Most Random Laws in the U.S.

Stone Smith, Pawprint Staff Reporter

To ensure that the world is stable, laws are installed to keep order. Some laws are based on morals such as no murder, blackmail, or kidnapping; others are based on property protection like no arson, no robbery, and no vandalism. However, other laws seem random, enough that people wouldn’t think there would have to be laws saying that someone can’t do it.

So here are some of the weirdest laws of a few states from the U.S.

  • Utah:
    • It is illegal to throw missiles at buses according to code 76-10-1505, making it a third-degree felony.
    • People can have nuclear weapons, but they cannot detonate them.
    • People cannot bet a “Baby Ruth Bar,” so technically, it is illegal to bet a candy bar in Utah.
  • Florida:
    • In Tampa Bay, it is illegal to eat cottage cheese after 6 pm on a Sunday.
    • People have to pay for parking, and that goes for the people parking their elephants.
  • Kentucky:
    • During public speeches, viewers can shout, applaud, stand up, but if they throw a flower off to jail, they go.
    • Back when people didn’t have cars (oh no, the horror, the audacity, the walking), people used horses. So people would try to lure the horses away by putting empty ice cream cones in their back pockets. Of course, it is illegal to do this now, so be careful to keep your ice cream in your hands or shoes – there’s no law saying you can’t!
  • North Carolina:
    • A lot of people like to rollerblade. It’s a fun activity. Many people find it relaxing, except the lawmakers of North Carolina, because they made it a law that it is illegal to roller skate in the sunlight.
    • This law is probably the most normal out of all the ones on this list. It is illegal to visit the dead after midnight. Now, this may seem a little weird (which is why it’s here), but the law was probably made to prevent grave robbers from going in and robbing the graves.
  • Virginia:
    • Having trouble deciding who’s paying for coffee, well, don’t flip a coin. In Richmond flipping a coin to see who will pay the receipt is illegal.
    • Most people celebrate Halloween by going out in costumes and going door to door asking for candy, but in Virginia, children are not allowed to go trick-or-treating.