Gas Price Impact on Students

Jacob Baird, Pawprint Staff Reporter

Recently gas prices have skyrocketed due to many factors, particularly sanctions placed on Russia in response to their invasion of Ukraine. The rise in gas prices has impacted many students.

“It makes me try to drive a lot less and has made me kind of resent how poor my car’s gas mileage is. It’s also made friends try harder to carpool,” said senior Ella Vincent.

“I would say that it literally demotivates me from going extraneous places, and it kinda makes me mad because from my point of view, there’s no good real reason for it to be that high,” added junior Sam Martin.

“I don’t drive much but filling up recently was scary,” said junior Kay Erekson. “It’s made me more conscious of how much I’m driving and where I am going.”

“Gas prices are too high, and they suck to pay,” senior Juno Crison put it succinctly.

The additional price impacts students’ lives more than one might expect.

“It’s not just gas prices. Gas lines are so long due to the rising prices. I don’t want to have to wait in a two-hour line at Costco just to be able to get to the school in the morning,” junior Morgan Webster chimed in.

“I am now required to work more to keep up with gas prices and still build my savings,” senior Derek Croft added, showing how students have to sacrifice more time to earn the same amount of money.