Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmed Supreme Court Justice

Jacob Baird, Pawprint Staff Reporter

On April 7th, Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed as a justice for the Supreme Court. Like many Supreme Court nominations, the nomination was controversial. Many celebrated her nomination, citing what many consider a stellar judicial record and the fact that she’s the first black woman to be on the Supreme Court. However, others questioned her qualifications for the position and the motivations behind her nomination. The confirming vote was 53-47, splitting along party lines except for three Republicans who voted for the confirmation.

Hillcrest students are divided on the nomination. “I feel as if Justice Brown’s appointment to the Supreme Court was more politically and ethnically motivated than her actually being qualified for the position,” junior Daniel Strong says.

Others disagree with that sentiment, such as junior Abigail Slama-Catron, who says, “She was a well-qualified candidate, and there was no reason for her not to be confirmed.”

Regardless of opinions on Brown’s confirmation, she’s a historic addition to the Supreme Court as the first black female justice.