Five AP Prep Tips That Could Help You Get A Five

Sienna Yang, Pawprint Staff Reporter

AP testing this year starts soon. During the last week of preparation and cramming, here are five tips that could help you get a five on the test.

1- Space Out Your Studying

It’s definitely important to study, but you won’t learn or remember anything if you study for hours and hours on end without a break. Space out your studying into 45-minute to hour-long sections, and take ten to fifteen-minute breaks. It’s good for your brain to take breaks, so you don’t get overwhelmed and lose focus.

2- Set Specific Goals for Each Session

If you don’t have a ton of time in your day to study, or if you don’t like studying, setting goals for each section gives you a point to work towards and feel accomplished once you’ve done it. Setting goals will make your study sessions short, concise, and to the point, and they won’t overload your brain too much either. Remember to review what you’ve learned every other day to retain it!

3- Find Somewhere That Isn’t Distracting

Trying to study with distractions around you is like driving with someone yelling in your ear. More likely than not, you’re going to end up annoyed or angry. Distractions can be anything from siblings or loud music to a simple to-do list you set for yourself. Finding somewhere away from all those things helps study and review. Eventually, your brain will start recognizing that space as your study space, and you won’t get distracted as easily.

4- Test Yourself

Testing yourself on what you’re learning can help you determine what you’ve got down and what you still need to practice. It can be practice problems on the internet or a family member or friend asking you questions out of your notes. When you get the practice quizzes right, it’ll give you a boost in confidence, and you’ll have reinforcement that you can do it!

5- Mix it Up

Don’t just rely on one method of studying. Mix it up! You can use flashcards, written notes, practice tests, have family members or friends ask you questions, look for resources online like Quizlet, or anything else! There are plenty of examples on the internet.