Don’t Double Dip

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Don’t Double Dip

Nick Kirkpatrick, Sports Editor

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People are currently scrambling for ideas about to what to serve for your Super Bowl party. Burgers? Too boring. Nachos? Everyone does nachos. Catering? Too expensive.

But here’s the scoop: you don’t need to serve the same old boring food or break the bank trying to serve your guests. Because all you need are dips and here are some of the best.

All right so to start off I’m going to hit you with a classic, GUACAMOLE!!!! It’s an instant hit at any social gathering and great to spice up any meal accompanied by its great friend salsa makes for a powerful combo. This is my personal favorite


The second great dip is a little heartier and a little different but definitely a all star, try buffalo wing dip! Savory spicy dip accompanied by a plethora of your favorite chips, veggies or bread this dip will blow your guests away


Third isn’t really a dip per-say but it is a good idea for a potluck setting is bring your own fondue! They’re sweet, savory, tangy, spicy, etc. and you and 5-6 of your friends all bring a fondue that’s a party. This is a great place to start your search for a great recipe


Last and a personal favorite of mine is the classic Queso. I know its not special but that’s the fun in it its a blank slate. Add chicken and spices and whatever you want to make it special plus the options are limitless to scoop it up with. Pretzels, chips, flatbread, tortillas, veggies, or even just spoonfuls will do the trick!


These recipes are a great starting point but if none of these tickle your fancy try some of these ones.

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