Extreme Houses Husky Style

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Extreme Houses Husky Style

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Have you ever wondered what HGTV’s “Extreme Houses” would look like with doghouses? Look no further, because this article will show you an extreme take on doghouses.



Modern American Dream

1.The Modern American Dream

This is a doghouse that if you slap a white fence around the sides of it you would get the perfect American dream home. The house is complete with a door and windows, adding complementaries like a birdhouse and flower box.


  1. The City Slicker


    City Slicker

This house is a city apartment dream, with two stories you get the free space of moving around. Features include two steps into the house and a lamp outside the ‘apartment’.



Cardboard Crazed

3.The Cardboard Crazed

This doggy chew heaven features everything made out of cardboard. However, after finding it is made of cardboard and chewable it is doubtful your pup will have a place for the winter.


  1. The Western Cow-dog

Taking on an old saloon western look with polished look we get quite a big

 Western Cow-dog

Western Cow-dog

doghouse fitting up to 3 dogs at once. Living in this house, don’t be surprised if one day your husky starts wearing boots and cowboy hats.

  1. Celebrity Canines
Celebrity Canines

Celebrity Canines

A house fit for the queen herself.. or rather her doggy self. This house features everything identical to an actual mansion. How your dog is supposed to get in is a trade secret. House includes columns and a balcony at the front entrance along with many windows along the exterior to guarantee your dog gets the vitamin D he needs.

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