The internet impacts music

The internet impacts music

The internet has had a major effect on the music industry. There are quite a few pros and cons to the situation. The internet makes it really easy to put your music out there. However, since pretty much anyone can do this there will be a lot of competition, in turn, making it harder to gather a following.

Luckily, though, the web lets you create content on your own terms, free from the constrictions of major record companies who only want to milk you for money.

Back in the day, record labels would search for bands that had potential. If they liked the music they’d have the band sign a contract for a set amount of time. A deal could include a tour, studio time, merchandise, and advertisement.

So at the time they were completely necessary if aspiring musicians wanted any kind of success. These contracts weren’t always a good thing, usually they made it really easy to exploit the bands who were signed to them. Led Zeppelin would have lawyers read over their contracts to avoid deception.

Now that we have this ever growing expanse that we call the internet; getting your music heard has never been easier. Now it can be made almost effortlessly. There’s a lot of programs for mixing and making music at an artist’s disposal. This allows pretty much anyone to make themselves heard, free of the legal obligations of some gigantic record company.

The internet may make producing and distributing music easy but it doesn’t always mean there’s big money, or even popularity. Funding the advertising, merchandise, studio time, and touring is all left up to the artist or artists. So, money is obviously important.

It’s really hard to be discovered via the web, due to all the other aspiring artists. The artist’s success shouldn’t be placed solely on the internet. Artists should always be proactive, writing, advertising and playing gigs. Any kind of live show will help spread the word.