Fresh take on a “tale as old as time”

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The long wait for Disney’s live action remake is finally over as “Beauty and the Beast” hit theaters.

In the long series of remakes Disney seems to have on their roster, “Beauty and the Beast” was one of them announced clear back in May of 2015. It had a bunch of up and coming news since the announcement of the movie, the movie is now playing in theaters and most of the news will be over.

Right before the movie was released, Emma Watson, who plays Belle, was featured in a Vanity Fair photoshoot where some fans argued she was showing too much skin and therefore was not the feminist as she appears to be. Emma Watson responded immediately in an interview, “A woman should be able to choose what she wants to do. This is what feminism is all about in 2017.”

While the movie followed the original almost exactly, some cool effects were added. One of the interesting things to watch during the movie was the staff of the mansion had to be animated to play the role of their various, pots, dressers or clocks.

On top of the animation the costume designs were very intricate and followed the original as closely as it could. Some small changes however were made to give it more of a modern feel. Some of Watson’s dresses include pockets, which for the 18th century was normal for woman but was not normal for them to be worn outside. This also brings a twist to how Belle looks and adds to her already out of the norm personality.

Another thing that has surprised some people, Disney is adding to their momentary lesbian couple in “Finding Dory” and hints at LeFou being into Gaston. This does differ a little bit from the original because most saw it as just a best friend, or follower relationship. However, this is not surprising as it follows all the minor tweaks of the movie in trying to modernize it.

Added to the movie was a handful of songs, sung by the Beast or various people in the film. Also, with the added songs there was minor parts taken out of songs. Examples of this would be when Belle is singing “Little Town” the dialogue with the villagers in the song is different.

Many questions have been raised about the different style of dress that Belle had. Many complaints include the yellow ball gown because it doesn’t have quite the same style as the original. Rather than having bunches of yellow it was just a tulle tutu type dress which did not give the same effect. I think this didn’t show the elegant view that Belle has, but rather made her look like she was going to a simplistic casual dance.

Next on the Disney live action remake list seems to be “ The Little Mermaid” but everything about is so far us all speculation. However, there is another “Little Mermaid” coming out that is not from Disney and follows a different story line. The movie will be released later this year.

Overall, I’d give the movie a five out of five paws. It was a great remake and while staying close to the original it gave fans some new material to gush over.

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