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Kristi Pehrson’s last year at Hillcrest

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This is Kristi Pehrson’s last year teaching at Hillcrest. She has taught for nine years and all have been here at Hillcrest. Many students were shocked to hear that Pehrson will no longer be teaching at Hillcrest High.

She has been planning on this since she started seriously dating her now fiance. She would like to settle down, get married to her fiance, and would potentially like to start a family.“I want to have kids, but most importantly I want my kids to be successful. Even without me,” said Pehrson. If there’s one thing she is going to miss most is, the relationships she has built with her students.

One of Kristi’s biggest accomplishments she feels she has contributed to Hillcrest is, she has grown band from 32 students, to over a 100.Another is watching her kids go to state. If there is one thing Pehrson has learned from working at Hillcrest is that, teamwork is the only thing that makes kids succeed.

Many students have had the pleasure of being in one of her classes. If there is one thing to know about Pehrson, it is that she knows how to make the class exciting and make everybody feel comfortable. She does a very good job at getting the whole class involved and feeling comfortable with each other.

If you ever need a good laugh, just spend an hour in her room, unless it’s during the musical. However, there are some days when Pehrson is very strict and serious. She will also need you to be on top of your game and focused. Pehrson wants her students to be able to play to the best of their ability. If That means early morning practices or late nights practicing for a concert, she will make it happen.

Though Pehrson is leaving now, this may not shut the door for her ever returning to Hillcrest. This could be our last goodbye, or it maybe we’ll see her in the future. Change can be a good thing and people do need a break from working hard for many years, and who doesn’t want to live life how they like and start a family? “Coming back could be a possibility, but it will be many years. After my kids are in school,” said Pehrson

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Kristi Pehrson’s last year at Hillcrest