Leah Okello: Protector and fun

Seventeen-year old high school senior Leah Okello, enjoys playing volleyball, soccer, and  hanging out with friends. During her short time at Hillcrest High she has come to like track & field and theater specifically, the Shakespeare team,   

Leah has been playing volleyball for six years. “Beach volleyball in California is the most amazing and stressful game,” She said.

Leah moved to the United States from Africa when she was only eight years old. Leah states, “I moved to the United States, because of better education, for some good you know America English or something. Well my uncle forced us to come here. Because he wanted more for us and mom refused a few times, but Africa is lit, you should go.” But don’t worry she’s going back in December of 2018.

You can find Leah watching some TV in her house or hanging out with her friends at the mall. Leah never misses out a chance to spend time with some family members, especially her older sister, who is Leah’s biggest influence. This explains where she gets her outgoing personality.

If you ever see someone like Leah make her one of your best friends, because she’ll always protect you like she protects her brother. If she could sit in a pool of bubbles then she will do it for hours and days and weeks.

“Regrets hold you back so let lose,” this quote helps Leah Okello a lot.” Going through Hillcrest High School for all four years has been one out of many stressful things. People go through the last year of college having so many regrets, this quote helps me remember not to have any regrets for any year of school or just any year in general.” She said.

Get yourself a friend like Leah Okello. You won’t be disappointed.