McKay Ashby: Sporty reporter and ambassador

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McKay Ashby: Sporty reporter and ambassador

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There’s more to McKay Ashby than just a man of muscle. Sure, he may be a senior that is taking on football and basketball, but his eyes are also on baseball. Nonetheless, there’s a side to this newest reporter that isn’t well-known. Have you ever heard of a school ambassador?

“I do a lot,” Ashby mentioned, “I’m an ambassador for the school. It’s kind of like an SBO but not an SBO.”

What may be a bit odd, though, is that the ambassador position has not been widely publicized. Students may hear of student presidents and vice presidents for their grade, but not a representative like an ambassador.

How did this funny senior ever manage to become a representative? “I just knew Griff,” Ashby made sure to point out, “I was like, ‘Hey, let me be an ambassador,’ and he was like ‘Alright.’”

Ashby added Griffel was an SBO Advisor.

This diplomat, if one considers it that way, helps out the other SBOs with their assemblies and their other events. Ashby, whether or not he’s truly been an ambassador for a month, helps with after school activities. For homecoming, he explained that he “was here in the school [Hillcrest High] every day from like seven to nine. Seven a.m. to nine p.m.”

Talk about a long shift.

Despite the work (even though he says he does “nothing, really”), what’s his favorite part of it all? Ashby replied, “I bet it would be being in a couple of assemblies.”

With a lot of after school activities on his shoulders, such as the aforementioned sports and representing Hillcrest High, one might think he has a rough time keeping up with his schoolwork. The truth, however, is that his senior strategy is taking “really easy classes.”

Even though one of his favorite classes has been taking engine performance, he doesn’t want to go into the automobile industry. In fact, he only takes it so he can “learn how to fix” his car whenever he needs to.

Instead, he explained that he would rather become “a businessman or a lawyer.”

Give it up for McKay Ashby, one of the many newest staff members on The Pawprint. Keep watching for some articles from this hardworking senior.

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