Fall concert preparations


It’s that time of the year again to hear from our Hillcrest’s music department. Instrumental and choir are getting together to put on a scary and memorable concert for all friends and family to see. In this fall concert, you will get to see performances by Jazz Band, Percussion, Concert Choir, Vocal Ensemble, Orchestra, and many more.

The brand new instrumental director Austin Hilla from Texas is really excited for the fall concert. “Back in Texas we have a marching season going on at this time of year so we never had time to prepare for a fall concert. So the fact that I get to program a bunch of Halloween and creepier kind of music, I love getting to do that,” said Austin Hilla.

Hilla explained that the wind ensemble will be performing a really exciting piece called “The Cave You Fear.” If you go to the Fall music concert you can expect a bunch of snarls and growls from animals you might see in a cave.

“You may think that your part is not that important but at the same time. It is if one person messes up then everyone can hear it’s not like it’s super simple everyone has to contribute,” said Hillcrest High School Junior Julia Johnston.

Julia is joining percussion in performing two numbers, along with being in the back of 6 numbers with Jazz Band. The band teacher is growing on all of the kids

“Mr. Hilla is super chill and has much more defined strengths. Superstitious is one song that I would say is one that I’m personally worried about. The song is great but it hasn’t fully developed,” said Hillcrest High senior Jesse Viramontes.

All exciting pieces from Thriller, Superstitious, to Chopsticks and a great deal of other numbers will be performed at the Fall Concert, Tuesday October 10th 7:00pm in the Hillcrest High School auditorium. It will be one to never forget.