Hanna Emery: Indie band lover

This kind-hearted 15 year old is bold and full of life.  Hannah Emery is a Hillcrest High school student.

When she’s not thriving in her academics she is jamming out to her favorite bands, dancing to her favorite songs and expressing herself through art.

After nine years of leaps and pirouettes dance has became one of her passions.  She dances at UDA dance studio, and her style of dance is modern.

Another form of art she enjoys is drawing. She paints too and it’s definitely a passion of hers.

Music is something that she loves. Indie bands are her favorite and she loves seeing them in person at live concerts.  “I love concerts, I go to them all the time!,” Hanna states. She recently saw the XX perform and this upcoming January she will be seeing “Hippo Campus” perform.

Hannah Emery can be described as “the mom” by her friends. That might be because she always has someone’s best interests at heart.

She is fun kind friendly and laid back. Chances are she wants to be friends with you too.