Madi Hooper: One sporty girl

Madi Hooper: One sporty girl

Madison Hooper, or as many of you know as “Hooper,” is a senior attending Hillcrest High School this year, she played four years of soccer and three years of track and field. A total of 7 years of being an athlete, wow!

Born and raised in Utah, she is known for playing two amazing sports, soccer ,and track and field Hooper has come to live by a motto that has helped her keep her chin up which is,  from Wayne Gretzky, “You miss a hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.”

Hooper’s parent have been super supportive and have played an important role throughout her four years in high school. Hooper’s parent are never done with always encouraging, letting her know that, “You can do it”  and uplifting her at every tryout or trial that is yet to come.

The past four years have had their ups and downs with the teammates. While it includes new friends, it has also included issues with teammates. For this reason Hooper will be done with soccer after high school.

Many of the downsides of being in a team is not having optimism. Even though the love she gets from many of her teammates, there are those days where everything is a struggle.

After many years of playing, “I’m kinda just done with soccer after this,”Hooper states about her future plans in the sport.

Even with the fact that she fractured a hip during track season, she is yet to let that go to waste,but one thing that she wont let down is sprinting down a track field!

Hooper has already planned for the future. She wants to attend a college and continue running track and field for her top two choices which are: West Minister and Montana State. 

Apart from being the athlete she is, Hooper’s’ goal in life is to become an orthopedic surgeon!!