Drill team: More than pirouettes

Drill team: More than pirouettes

Twenty hours a week. Four hours a day on average. Twenty-nine committed high school students.  

Drill is a more than a team, it’s a family. Hillcrest high’s champion team gives a look into what it’s like to be on this team.

The team spends hours perfecting their routines. They have become a tight nit of freshmen to seniors. Arriving 15 minutes early for every practice they start with working out then on to routine practice. They practice many dance routines from military to pom routines.

Their dance routines do amazing in competition winning first in state for the last two years. They have been ranked highly in drill teams in Utah. Hillcrest’s team has also been state champs before. They will be facing this upcoming season with strength and determination.

Sydney Brey a captain and 4th year loves the opportunity of being on drill team.  She has been dancing her whole life like most of the other girls. “Its most rewarding as a captain to help accomplish their goals,” Sydney will continue to to use her  skills she learned in drill for the rest of her life.

Along with competing they perform for the student body at various events. This weeks football game had a killer hip-hop routine that definitely brought the crowd on their feet. “Sharing my passion for dance with the student body is an unreal feeling,” says Olivia Rodgerson. This is her second year of the drill team and she knows although its time consuming it is what she loves.

All 29 girls are passionate about drill and they all hope to go far with all their skills. After drill some of the girls hope to further their hard worked for skills at a college dance team. Hillcrest is proud to be home to such talent and is excited to cheer them on this upcoming competition season.