A spin to Yoshi’s Japanese Grill


When it comes to Hillcrest students and eating out, there’s one underdog that is rarely talked about: Yoshi’s Japanese Grill. For some, the name might be reminiscent of a certain plumber and a green dinosaur-like helper. After all, Mario’s Madness is one of the food items.

Yoshi’s is somewhat small and not as fancy as some restaurants can be. However, it doesn’t need to be too complex or grand. In fact, it’s more like a take-out food place in that Yoshi’s has no waiters or hosts.

The restaurant is clean throughout; no obvious messes are present. It also has a warm atmosphere with no overwhelming scents and music that wasn’t too distracting. Another positive is the service, with the staff in particular being professional but friendly.

The food is mostly good, although the typical consumer might want to note that the noodles that substitute for rice can be rather empty without some flavoring. Even though a lot of the dishes are just a meat/vegetable with rice or sushi by itself, the food was not too cheap but not too expensive, with the most expensive dish being a large yakiniku beef (grilled Japanese steak) at $8.99.

In particular, the kokonatsu (another grilled Japanese steak dish) is not coconut central, which is a job well done. The dish has rice that is flavored with curry, with mushy carrots and crispy onions complementing the steak. The portion for the steak was not that bad, given that it was only the regular size and not the large. If one does not get vegetables, they may not be as filled up after eating plates like these.

Some of Yoshi’s popular dishes are the peanut chicken and the Marios Madness sushi roll. The peanut chicken has chicken with rice, carrots and onions, while Marios Madness contains grilled salmon, cream cheese, and red bell pepper.

This restaurant can be found at 5692 South 900 East, Murray, UT, 84121. Overall, I would rate Yoshi’s Japanese Grill as 4 out of 5 paws.