Anonymous first kiss stories: Husky edition

Anonymous first kiss stories: Husky edition
  1. “The girl sneezed in the middle of it.”


  1. “One moment I’m telling him about how my grandpa passed away the other day, the next he’s leaning in for his first kiss.”


  1. “I counted how long we stayed there completely still with our lips together; it was 27 secs.”


  1. “Her lip somehow got stuck in my braces.”


  1. “Hmmm I think her name was Marissa?”


  1. “We were in an ice rink, romantic right? Yeah, until I slipped backwards and tried to hold on to the kiss bringing him down with me.” 
  2. “It was after Hillcrest’s huge win over Cyprus, the adrenaline made me go FULL SEND and then the magic happened.”


  1. “I got one word to describe my first kiss; slobber.”


  1. “Well ya see I missed her mouth.”


  1. “It was at my aunt Bertha’s funeral, she would have been proud. RIP”