The top four most beautiful squares in madrid

The top four most beautiful squares in madrid

The top four most beautiful squares in Madrid.

Almost everybody knows two of the most beautiful cities in Europe are located in Spain, one is more beautiful than the other, and that one is Madrid.

If you walk just once by their streets, you will fall in love with it immediately, with the sound of the streets, his people, his food, and also with the buildings that you are walking next to.

One of the most beautiful things you can ever see during your lifetime are their squares, and that is what we are going to talk about today.

1- Colón’s square: this square is located in the Salamanca’s neighborhood, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Spain. Constructed in the New Gothic style, this square is about 120 years old, but with all that. Still being one of the most beautiful squares in Madrid.

2- Plaza of Felipe II: This plaza is known for having the only monuments made specifically by Dalí, his famous monolite and the statue that goes with it. Also is known for having the Wiznik center, or the sport palace of Madrid, in where many people  give concerts, and also have festivals, and play sports.

3-Puerta del Sol: A spanish proverb says that all the roads go to Rome, but that is false, all the roads in Spain go to the square in the middle of Madrid, it is really the middle of the city, and it is located in the oldest district of all Madrid. It was built in the XV century, and has one of the most emblematic buildings of all Madrid, like the Casa de Correos.

 4- Plaza Mayor: An obligatory visit to all the people that visit Madrid, this plaza has one of the most emblematic foods of all Madrid, the “bocata de calamares”, a food that all the people that go to Madrid must try, also during Christmas  one of the most famous Christmas markets in all Spain. That’s where you can find everything for your crèche, and also go to get a Christmas tree.