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Ah, it’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving is almost here, and with it, many relatives outside of the immediate family circle. Some of these biologically-related people live close to the home of the host, sometimes even too close. Others have to travel far and wide to reach the smell of turkey.

This season is not all that bad, but in order to keep your sanity with your family, here are some tips. By following these tidbits, you will have the best time possible without feeling that rush of anger.

    • Keep the environment cool and friendly. This tip isn’t about your home temperature, believe it or not. Rather, it deals with keeping conflicts at a minimum, You just received bad news about your grandmother’s finances and how she is losing it cognitively. Whatever you may be feeling right now, don’t let yourself blow up. If her spouse is taking advantage of her, don’t call him out. Make sure to keep all the family to this standard, or else one bad apple will ruin the occasion.
    • Tell your family members to each bring one food item. Preferably, assign adults to bring either an entree or a dessert. That way, you don’t have to do all the cooking yourself.


  • Don’t complain about the food. It doesn’t hurt to suck it up when it comes to food items. You can wash your mouth out after everyone has left. Besides, you don’t want to insult your aunt by calling her pecan pie a heap of garbage.
  • By all means, DON’T stuff yourself. Isn’t it fun to sit around watching that Macy’s parade when your belly is about to blow steam? No? You don’t want to come off as a food hog anyway.
  • Relatives are kings and queens. This may sound cliched but respect your elders. If they tell you to eat one more piece of turkey or to quit eating all the pumpkin pie, be sure to listen and follow their orders. Most adults are stronger than teenagers in strength to begin with.


    • Enforce that no electronics are to be used at the meal. In a world full of devices, why must we spend all our time on phones? Can’t we just have an offline occasion with those we should hold close? This rule also applies to television; after all, football is just a bit too obsessive for some people.


  • Lastly, do NOT keep your relatives around after sunset. This is why having early lunch for the feast is the best option. We all love our relatives, but we can get rather sick of them after a while. If they are overstaying their welcome, be polite while still telling them to leave.



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