Hillcrest’s month of giving

On December 5, a school-wide assembly will be held to raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. In fact, for the student body, the whole wintry month is a time for giving. SBO officer John Ruff said, “We have been technically planning it since June, which is when we had our leadership conference, but we’ve really only been working on it for the past couple of weeks.”
Before deciding on which charity to donate for, the SBO’s went through several charities, including the Tyler Robinson Foundation. Finally, they landed on the Make-A- Wish Foundation. Ruff explained, “The reason we picked Make-A- Wish [Foundation] is because we got to do a tour of their facility and it really changed a lot with the way we look at fundraisers. We felt like we could actually make a difference.”
The Make-A- Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization that tries to help children with life-threatening conditions. The organization grants the wishes of the eligible children, whether it involves going to the Caribbean or having said child deliver bunny blankets to help others, according to the Make-A- Wish Foundation’s website.
In order to keep the assembly going, students will have to raise enough money on the planned activities. Each hour, the assembly could end due to not receiving enough funds.
“There’s going to be a basketball game, a dodgeball tournament, all sorts of really fun stuff,” Ruff said.
Indeed, many fun activities are planned for the assembly. These include events like dodgeball on assembly day, Mario Kart, and some other activities later on in the day. Other events taking place outside of the assembly date include a separate dodgeball tournament, a dance, a babysitting fundraiser, and the beloved Hillcrest Idol, a small-scale singing competition in a similar vein to the show American Idol.
In the video created by the SBO’s concerning December 2017, there were suggestions that students bring one and five dollar bills and how they should try to bring at least $25. The activities both during and after the assembly are going to help raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, so students are highly recommended to bring their money to help those children affected by life-threatening conditions.