How to become an exchange student

How to become an exchange student

Almost everybody during his life has meet a person from another country, and they maybe become good friends, and also some people want to improve their level of English, or maybe just have a great experience and know people from another country. That is why many people become exchange students.

  Everybody has ever dream to go away from his home, knew more people, and be away from everyone he knows for a time, there is people that make it, called exchange students. It is hard to be one, also expensive, and sometimes you don’t feel like it is worth it, but at the end it is.

   At the end of the year you also will have other skills more that speak better another language, you will also develop skills of fend for yourself better, because at the end of all your family and friends are in the other part of the world. Now if you want to be one is because you really want to, and you really feel like you are going to do it great.

   Now for become a exchange student you will have to contact an exchange student agency first, then they will make you first some exams, for see your general level of the language that you are going to be main speaking for almost a year in a foreign country. Also they will make you a psychological test for see if you are mature enough, and also if you have the enough skills to make friends out of your country and language.

   Once you have pass that exams, the agency put himself in charge of find you a compatible family and school with the necessities that you need, like for example a school with a specific sport team, or a family with something that you want. Then the agency contact with you and tell you what you need to do the firsts months with the family, friends, what classes you need to take so the school year can also count in your country, and that is all, you will have a great experience, also here you can have here some of the agencies to become one.


Northwest student exchange:



EF (education first):

  Each one has different standards of notes, and of what to learn, but everyone go to the same objective, become an exchange student.