Odd careers that are friendly or freaky

Odd careers that are friendly or freaky

Working at a boring job may be bad, but there are even strangers things citizens of the world get involved in. Perhaps some of these findings will inspire others to find a line of work that they’ll enjoy.

Standing around all dressed up is the name of the game for a live mannequin. Despite how strange it sounds, various companies are using these employees for advertising. Some get to interact with customers, while others just stand still. There are no educational requirements but some can get a good pay.

Humans may not be able to sniff scents to the same extent a dog can, but people can be an odor judge if they choose. This occupation has multiple categories yet the smells involved aren’t that pleasant. The pay can range from mediocre to above the national average.

Somebody had to write those statements in those fortune cookies. Anyone familiar with a Chinese restaurant probably has heard of or seen fortune cookies, but they may not know that there are people who get paid just to do write the little slips inside. Some are freelance and there are those that get paid good money.

Watching the television may just help you get some money. Some of these TV watchers act as critics while others help with subtitles. Either way, the pay starts out at $25,000 annually.

Last but not least is a job for those who like to analyze feet. A podiatrist can look not only at feet but also at the ankles and lower legs. In addition, they can perform surgery on those parts as well. Unlike some of the other jobs on this list, becoming a podiatrist involves four years in a podiatric medical school and three years of hospital residency, with advancing training to become board-certified. They typically make a $116,400 annually.