Producing lefty’s


Lefty’s are definitely the minority in the game of basketball. Even more rare is to find a good lefty that plays in the NBA. However, there is one thing that ties a good majority of the good left handed players in the NBA. They attended Duke University.

A couple of the left handed players that are in the NBA that went to Duke consist of Rodney Hood, Justise Winslow, and Luke Kennard to name a few. All of them shoot the three ball very well, each averaging just about 40 percent from beyond the arc at Duke. And now the Blue Devils have potential the best lefty to ever play.

Currently Duke has two lefty’s on their roster, Marvin Bagley and Brennan Besser. Marvin Bagley is supposed to become a superstar in the league because of his size and skill set. Bagley is shooting just about 35% from deep but he does stand at 6’11”.

Duke produces more and better lefty’s than anyone else, who have a knack for shooting the ball.