Runaway run the night: “The Greatest Showman” review

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Runaway run the night: “The Greatest Showman” review

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Wolverine has retired. Hugh Jackman is done with his career of being Wolverine from the “X-Men”, and has instead turned his acting attention to the world of musicals. Previously he had played in “Les Miserables” and was a star on Broadway.

His newest hit “The Greatest Showman” landed in theaters December 20. Since then, it has been up for nominations in the Golden Globe for Best Actor and Best Motion Picture. The film opening week didn’t make much money, only earning about $19 million for the entire, but as the holidays started coming around party goers increased and profits for just Friday and Saturday week after opening was $15.1 million.

Hugh Jackman plays the lead role of PT Barnum. PT Barnum is known as creating the world’s first ever circus. The story follows his life as he strives to create a world where misfits are running the show and can feel welcome.

Repeatedly through the film the cast creates a sense of finally belonging in the circus. This to them is a place where bearded ladies, tattooed bodies, short generals and others can collect and make people laugh. The cast came from all different background, fitting the picture of combing anyone together.

While the main storyline was following Barnum and what he did, Zac Efron and Zendaya’s characters had a minor love story in the works, about how he was a boy from rich background and she was the outcast that he couldn’t be with. While many might see this as an amazing pairing because Zac Efron is ‘amazing’ and cute, the scenes felt forced for the two of them.

However, the number between the two of them, “Rewrite the Stars” was beautiful and meaningful to the whole conflict between them. The dance number was performed with the trapeze and there was more than a few moments where.

One thing the film did well was the fact it wasn’t the same people singing every single song. Since he was the lead role Hugh Jackman held most the songs, they maintained a wide variety. With hit, “Never Enough” by Rebecca Ferguson bring audiences to tears all around.

Many Marvel fans are upset by the leaving of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, but musical lovers everywhere rejoice over the return of an amazing voice. This was welcomed rapidly with the success of “The Greatest Showman”. Overall, the movie scores a four out of five paws.

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